Monday, January 30, 2012

Marketing has a wealth of national planning and practical experience

1 double with computer and legal background, years of experience in IT industry;2, has a strong business management, market planning capabilities, marketing planning, organization, implementation capacity. Marketing has a wealth of national planning and practical experience;3, with keen insight, planning and implementation capacity; have a good grasp of market dynamics and the ability to market direction, daily affairs and emergency handling capabilities;3, excellent job performance, excellent interpersonal and social skills;4, the ability to judge, decision-making ability , negotiating skills;5, good management, organization, coordination, can lead the team, united, let everyone play to their maximum potential. Oral, written expression ability;
6, excellent marketing skills, strong ability to market operations;7, professionalism and excellent overall quality, excellent ability to learn, excellent team spirit;Years of foreign electronic plant engineering. Manufacturing.
Quality management work experience, practical work stable, self-motivated and strong sense of responsibility, with good team spirit, rigorous style of work;Professional skills and expertise
Familiar figures principles of analog electronics applications, there Mouse.Keyboard. Printer. Bluetooth headset. Camera Computer Main Board. CD player, radio. RCC number of sub-clock. Tape recorders, DVD and other product engineering. Quality assurance management experience, familiar with the design and production testing and other types of SMT.DIP governance tools (such as FCTRomantic Wedding Chocolates.ICT. the furnace vehicles, etc.), familiar with SMT and DIP processes and equipment maintenance (with Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens placement machines. AOI.X-Ray. reflow. wave soldering operation experience, etc.);
Computer skills: Windows, word, excel, powerpoint, Internet.powerpcb.PADS.CAD;Learning capacity, a strong sense of responsibility and resistance to stress, a strong dedication and team spirit, get along well with colleagues. Rich pioneering spirit of innovation and hardship. Good communication skills and techniques. Courage to challenge, defeat, and beyond. Believe: Challenge is chance.Serious and responsible, hard-working; strong learning ability, adaptability, communication ability, with good organization and coordination capacity; cheerful, failing to calm, rational stable; knowledge and solid, and has extensive practical experience, to develop ability.Nearly eight years of work experience in manufacturing enterprises, and accumulated rich experience, Wedding Favor Ideas good quality assurance and management skills ; extensive network of resources; advanced management concepts; good personal and professional qualities and so on. Individual recognition is currently on the road in career has reached a certain height, in order to make their dream of professional managers can be achieved, but also a better opportunity to hone their own, a better environment in which to exercise their own. Not afraid of the harsh competitive environment, high work pressure, high work load intensity, individual needs of the enterprise and positive philosophy, superior cohesion and execution team, more advanced management concepts, such enterprises are I dreamed of.