Monday, January 30, 2012

full of passion

I personality practical, serious, bold honesty, hard work, with good self-discipline and team ability, high sense of responsibility, full of passion, to work with the greatest enthusiasm, ideals clear expectations for the future.Spain and several companions during the study served as a cultural exchange in China envoy taijiquan, and as Professor of European friends of the Chinese culture course, received a warm response. Has participated in group travel, experience the spirit of unity and collective cooperation.In a number of social work practice and learn new knowledge, accumulated experience, know how to man from the overall interests of doing things, to the collective interests, understand the times, not rigid. Convinced by their own efforts can ultimately successful.
There are good independent creativity. Work quickly to find new ideas and new innovative concepts in order to find solution to the problem there are a number of realistic innovative solutions. Have strong incentives to work, like thinking, hard work, good communication skills and synergy capabilities. Delicate Wedding favors I have a strong ability to comprehend and adapt to the ability to quickly perform the task of the leadership of the issued and to be able to undertake an independent journal writing, interviews and operations; compression capability; the whole team in a dominant role to give full play to the strengths of team members, so that each task successfully and quickly completed.3 years media industry experience so I fully understand the operation of the industry processes and meaning, and be able to fully put their strengths to work.1, has many years of heavy industry, construction products international marketing and management experience2, familiar with international product standards, quality management system and market differentiation;
3, heavy industrial enterprises with overseas research, marketing, international business negotiations, international investment mergers and acquisitions, international team management, international import and export trade experience;4, excellent English communication skills.1. With more than ten years of R & D / Senior FAE / project manager experience.2. Familiar with the operation of the project and product planning, you can lead a team to achieve project success.3. With a solid theoretical foundation of electronic, familiar analog electronics and digital electronic circuits, has a wealth of experience in circuit design and debugging.4. Familiar with the LED drive power / switching power supply schematic and design, familiar with LED lighting and heat treatment.5. Familiar car entertainment system and its market / customers / players / chain / product / New Ideas on Wedding Favorsspecification standards, and are familiar with audio and video amplifier and so on.6. Familiar with a variety of programs and components, with the project program and component selection experience.
7. More than ten years of foreign work experience, familiar with English, the working environment ; good communication skills.
8. Familiar 8051/ARM other system applications; familiar with IAR / Keil compiler environment and emulator Jlink other applications can read and understand Source code, modify the software can do.9. Proficient use of electronic design EDA tools.
10. Get two on the NXP sales skills training, access to Customer-oriented selling certificates.
11. With team spirit.