Tuesday, May 18, 2010


To Manage Logistics Operationnike running shoes for three plantsBe responsible for Purchasing, Import & Export, Planning, Warehouse management and transportation.Key Responsibility:- Drive the Supply Total Value Program at SRL.- Manage the department to support the customer service and ensure on time delivery.ed hardy shoes- Drive the cost reduction program related with procurement, include global purchasing, local sourcing, freight reduction etc. - Manage the interface to Chinese customs tocheap bags ensure all the import and export activities are in line with government policy and Richina policy.- Lead the team to improve warehouse layout, inventory space effective utilize and inventory booking accuracy as well as picking productivity.- Lead the material department to establish the working policy and improve the working efficiency.nike running shoes
- Meet department yearly objectives & business plan.- Coordinate decisions with regard to material/supplier issues that could jeopardize plant production or product quality.- Improve and integrate ERP system and improve the inventory turnover. To Manage Supply Chain for four Branch companyed hardy shoes---Shanghai, Nanjing, Chongqing and TianjinBe responsible for Logistics, including Purchasing, Planning, Warehouse, Import & Export functions.Key - Drive the Supply Total Value Program at ATO. To design Logistics process aroundCompcheap bagsany core business to ensure optimal service level and minimum cost.- Develop strategy and system to optimize the transportation routing to warehouse location.- Maintain and adequate inventory level to ensure timely supply chain management obsolete and excess inventory situations.- Monitor and optimize the import and export process to shorten supplying cycle time and reduce the cost continuously.- Make sure all products in wareouse and routing are well & safely stored & controlled.- Deal with Customers claim and any returned products in a effective manner.- Improve and integrate ERP system, Maintain the data effectively.